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Location: Chevy Chase, MD
Founded: 2007
Industry: Technology


Timothy Chi

Committing to wellness: WeddingWire has a very young workforce, and that’s reflected in its wellness program. “We were worried that a rigid and strict wellness program at WeddingWire would feel forced and not well-received,” says CEO Timothy Chi. “The outcomes we really wanted to see were employees being excited about wellness. We’re always so thrilled when we see our sign-up sheets maxed out and we have to start a wait list for wellness activities.”

FUN FACT: Thirty-five teams participated in this year’s Biggest Mover competition.

Special perks: Employees at WeddingWire have actually stepped up as teachers for wellness activities. “We’ve had several employees become personal trainers, yoga instructors, barre instructors and meditation coaches, and they have all offered to help teach these courses here in the office,” says Chi. WeddingWire’s Share the Wealth is a match of up to $100 per employee for any charitable contribution. The company also offers Treat Yo’Self, a $250 bonus that employees can use toward any activity that improves their physical
or mental health.

Solid results: One WeddingWire employee was trying to lose some weight for his upcoming wedding and decided to participate in the company’s Biggest Mover competition. His motivation helped his team win the competition, he lost about 30 pounds, and he completed a half-marathon with his fiancé before their wedding.