The Midtown Group

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Location: Washington, DC
Founded: 1989
Industry: Professional services

The Midtown Group

Helen Stefan Moreau
President and CEO

Committing to wellness: As a career-consulting firm, The Midtown Group is part of a fast-moving industry. That’s why president and CEO Helen Stefan Moreau wanted to ensure the company’s employees were taken care of, and had a way to become healthier on a physical, spiritual, mental and financial basis.

FUN FACT: The Midtown Group’s wellness committee consists of staff members at all levels of the company, from executives to interns.

Special perks: The Midtown Group’s wellness committee meets on a monthly basis to share feedback from events and programs and present research on possible new wellness initiatives. Employees have a number of options when it comes to wellness, from fresh fruit to private spin or yoga classes. The Midtown Group also has brought in a nutritionist to provide information on preparing healthy options of favorite foods. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the company’s senior vice president leads 30-minute walks with staff members. The walks cover different areas of the city each time, and employees receive prizes for every nine walks they go on, such as walking shoes or T-shirts. In March, The Midtown Group moved to a new office space, which features a dedicated wellness room for employees to relax, meditate, work out or just decompress.

Solid results: As a result of The Midtown Group’s program, several staff members have lost weight and become healthier. The program has also been helpful in attracting new talent and retaining existing employees.