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Location: Fredericksburg, VA
Founded: 1979
Industry: Professional services

Rosner Automotive Group

Tracy Storm
HR Manager

Committing to wellness: The majority of healthcare spending is driven by a few unhealthy behaviors, including poor diet, inactivity, tobacco use, stress, and alcohol and drug use, says Tracy Storm, HR manager at Rosner Automotive Group. Two years ago, Rosner decided to implement a wellness program to help modify all these behaviors in its employees and promote a happier, more productive workforce.

FUN FACT: Rosner offers personalized coaching to help employees with weight loss, tobacco cessation or stress management.

Special perks: “Our goal is to integrate our wellness program into our work culture by creating an environment where employees learn about health and are proactive about improving and maintaining wellness in their everyday lives,” says Storm. Rosner’s Health Advocate program includes onsite biometric screenings that check blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose levels. Employees also receive a personal health profile — a confidential, online questionnaire and personalized report that identifies each employee’s health risks and suggests improvements.

Solid results: In 2015, 60 percent of employees who were enrolled in medical coverage completed both a biometric screening and a personal health profile. At the same time, 32 percent of tobacco users completed an online program to avoid a surcharge. “There are numerous success stories of employees improving their [lives] through the program,” says Storm.