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Location: Sterling, VA
Founded: 1989
Industry: Technology

REI Systems

Shyam Salona

Committing to wellness: REI Systems’ wellness program began with the initiative of one employee. In 2012, he started a running club called the Happy Feet Club. In its first year, Happy Feet consisted of only 10 members, but over time, more and more employees joined and some began proposing additional sports and activities to do together. Today, the Happy Feet Club is an integral part of REI’s culture, as more than 50 percent of the company participates in its activities. REI has also allocated an annual budget of $25,000 to its wellness program, which officially began in 2014.

FUN FACT: REI’s facilities include an outdoor basketball court and two indoor pingpong tables.

Special perks: REI employees can make use of an on-site personal and professional life coach, whose role is to provide one-on-one counseling to help employees maximize their potential. In October 2015, REI replaced its old vending machines with ones that include healthier food options such as fresh fruit, healthy shakes and salads.

Solid results: Last year, 73 of REI’s employees signed up to compete in the company-wide cricket tournament, 25 trained for and participated in a plane-pull competition at Dulles International Airport to raise money for the Special Olympics, and this spring, 76 people are enrolled in Happy Feet’s running, biking and CrossFit boot-camp activities. In 2015, REI held an optional comprehensive health screening, in which 131 employees participated. That same year, the company also offered on-site flu shot clinics, at which 194 flu shots were administered free of charge to any employee with any type of insurance card.