Raffa, P.C.

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Location: Washington, DC
Founded: 1984
Industry: Professional services

Raffa, P.C.

Thomas J. Raffa
President and CEO

Committing to wellness: “We care enough about our employees to want them to be healthy and live long lives,” says Thomas J. Raffa, president and CEO of Raffa, P.C. “But it should be easy for any leader who has experienced a workforce [with] lost workdays and diminished productivity to see that poor employee health costs much more than health benefits.” Rather than just offering benefits, Raffa decided to “audit” its employees’ health to set goals and develop programs that would target and mitigate their health risks.

FUN FACT: After a Raffa employee was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, employees rallied to raise nearly $20,000 for research to find a cure.   

Special perks: Last year, Raffa piloted Aspire, a platform designed to deliver customized workplace perks. Each employee can choose from a wide menu of options, such as at-home delivery of ready-to-make, healthy meals, fresh produce delivery or in-office personal training. Raffa also sponsors fresh fruit in the cafeteria every week, provides family-style lunches, offers massages and hosts group fitness sessions. In new vending machines coming to the company’s cafeteria, only healthy options will be available.

Solid results: Among employees who lost weight through Raffa’s wellness program, 20 percent lost more than 10 pounds and 5 percent lost more than 20 pounds. Of those who had one or more health risk factors, 23 percent eliminated at least one risk. Among Raffa’s overall employee population, nicotine use was 14 percent lower and diabetes risk 3 percent lower than the national average.