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Location: Arlington, VA
Founded: 2015
Industry: Real estate

Optime Realty

Keri Shull
Founder and CEO

Committing to wellness: “We firmly believe that the happiness and health of our employees directly affects our ability to make an impact in our industry and in the community,” says Keri Shull, founder and CEO of Optime Realty. That’s why, in 2015, the company launched an employee wellness program that includes free 24-hour access to an on-site gym.

FUN FACT: Optime Realty encourages employees to participate in company-coordinated volunteer opportunities, such as helping out at local food kitchens. 

Special perks: Optime Realty offers every employee an annual fitness subsidy to use toward fitness-related expenses, such as exercise gear or race participation. Employees can also take advantage of flexible schedules that enable them to participate in wellness activities, “which can often be difficult for employees working 9 to 5, with families or busy schedules,” says Shull. In addition to addressing physical wellness, Optime Realty provides programs that support employees’ professional growth. This includes weekly training seminars on topics such as “Dressing for Success” and “Building Relationships.”

Solid results: “Since the launch of our health and wellness program, we have seen a drastic change in the overall mood, productivity and happiness of our team members,” says Shull. “It has been overwhelmingly fulfilling to see how each team member has used the programs and resources offered to help reach their individual goals.”