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Location: Herndon, VA
Founded: 1999
Industry: Professional services

National Corporate Housing

Tom Atchison

Committing to wellness: “Nutrition, fitness, plenty of sleep and relaxation all play an integral part in
wellness for our body and mind,” says Tom Atchison, CEO of National Corporate Housing. “We believe that company culture is affected by each individual’s physical and mental health, and we see our wellness program as
an investment not only in the business, but
in the people that make us who we are.”

FUN FACT: One of National Corporate Housing’s employees was inspired by the company’s 5K challenge to run her first half-marathon.

Special perks: National Corporate Housing’s wellness program includes step challenges, healthy recipe ideas and wellness tips, as well as reimbursement up to $200 a year for any qualified wellness initiatives employees choose to undertake. Another core piece of National Corporate Housing’s wellness program is an emphasis on healthier choices in the kitchen. Throughout its 27 offices across the U.S., National Corporate Housing held a healthy potluck where employees brought their favorite healthy recipes to share with co-workers, helping them try new foods.

Solid results: “We feel that anyone who is participating in National Corporate Housing’s wellness program challenges is automatically a success story,” says Atchison. “While some challenges and competitions are more successful than others, we believe we are making progress every day by encouraging our team to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.”