KURE Pain Management

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Dr. Damean Freas and Dr. Kamran Saraf headshot
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Location: Annapolis, MD
Founded: 2003
Industry: Medical practice

KURE Pain Management

Dr. Damean Freas

Dr. Kamran Saraf
Executive Vice President

Committing to wellness: The physicians at KURE Pain Management focus on helping patients live pain-free and generally engage in a healthier lifestyle. CEO Dr. Damean Freas and executive vice president Dr. Kamran Saraf believe it would be difficult to tell patients to make healthier life decisions when staff members at KURE Pain Management aren’t making those same choices. That’s why the practice has instituted a comprehensive wellness program whose goal is to demonstrate a positive, healthy lifestyle to both staff and patients.

FUN FACT: KURE Pain Management reimburses employees for gym memberships, up to $60 a month.

Special perks: KURE Pain Management strongly discourages smoking among its staff members. Those who smoke are not allowed to do so immediately before coming to work or during work hours. Employees receive ergonomic chairs with lumbar support to keep their backs healthy, and they also benefit from discounted massages through KURE Pain Management’s physical therapy practice.

Solid results: More than 85 percent of KURE Pain Management’s staff members participate in the paid gym membership. Other activities, such as weight-loss challenges and races ranging from 5Ks to full marathons attract close to 30 percent participation. Through one of KURE Pain Management’s weight-loss challenges, a clinician was able to lose more than 100 pounds.