Kaiser Associates

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Lilith Christiansen
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Location: Washington, DC
Founded: 1981
Industry: Professional services

Kaiser Associates

Lilith Christiansen
Vice President

Committing to wellness: Kaiser Associates started its wellness program to create a more wellness-conscious company culture, one that would increase employee productivity and satisfaction. The company instituted a wellness committee to help reach those goals through sponsorship of wellness initiatives and seminars aimed at educating employees on important aspects of health and wellness.

FUN FACT: More than 70 percent of employees in Kaiser’s DC office participated in Lap Across the Pond. 

Special perks: Kaiser’s wellness committee was formed more than five years ago and consists of about five employees. To date, the committee is responsible for the implementation of standing-desk areas, quarterly wellness seminars, a wellness room and weekly group mindfulness practices. The committee also sponsors firm-wide fitness competitions such as “Lap Across the Pond,” where Kaiser’s DC office teamed up against the company’s London office to see which office could walk, run and bike the most over a five-week period. The winning team was given a monetary reward.

Solid results: “Since the inception
of Kaiser’s wellness program, employees have enjoyed many benefits,” says vice president Lilith Christiansen. The company stocks its kitchen with fresh fruits and healthy snacks each Monday. In addition, Kaiser has installed ergonomic-conscious office chairs and hosted seminars on a wide variety of health-related topics.