JK Moving Services

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Location: Sterling, VA
Founded: 1984
Industry: Global relocation and logistics services

JK Moving Services

Charles S. Kuhn
Founder, President and CEO

Committing to wellness: In addition to showing concern for employees’ wellbeing, a corporate wellness program has many other benefits, says Charles S. Kuhn, founder, president and CEO of JK Moving Services: “Happy and engaged employees are measurably more productive. They are more committed to the success of the company because they know the company believes in them and supports them. This reduces turnover and in turn reduces insurance premiums and the residual costs of replacing trained professionals.”

FUN FACT: JK offers reimbursement of up to $200 per class to employees studying English as a Second Language.

Special perks: JK hosts At Work Weight Watchers programs so employees can meet with a nutritional coach weekly at their worksite. The company extends cash prizes and recognition to employees with the highest percentage of weight loss. At the Wednesday after-work Fitness Boot Camp, employees have worked out with local gyms, a professional MMA fighter and a local yoga studio.

Solid results: One of the biggest success stories of JK’s wellness program was the introduction of an on-site farmer’s market. The company was looking for a sustainable event with long-term benefits for health and well-being. In July 2015, JK hosted its first on-site market, offering employees the opportunity to purchase fresh, organic and locally grown fruits and vegetables — right outside their office.