IQ Solutions

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Location: Rockville, MD
Founded: 1993
Industry: Public health communication and education

IQ Solutions

Ileana Quintas
Founder and CEO

Committing to wellness: IQ Solutions’ mission is to improve public health and health equity through communication and education, supported by digital technology. “We care as much for the health of our nation as we do for our IQ Solutions family, and we provide employees with creative ways to maintain good health,” says Ileana Quintas, founder and
CEO of IQ Solutions.

FUN FACT: In 2013, IQ Solutions added a lactation room to help new moms meet their breastfeeding goals. 

Special perks: IQ Solutions offers tai chi and yoga classes as well as strength training with a personal trainer. Employees have access to cooking demonstrations, walking challenges, and biking and running clubs. The company considers financial wellness an important component of overall well-being, so staff members receive information about options for retirement savings at lunch-time workshops. In early 2013, IQ Solutions added a “Stress-Free Center,” allowing employees to exercise by working at fully equipped treadmill workstations. Standing desks are also available to encourage movement throughout the workday and decrease sitting time.

Solid results: Since IQ Solutions implemented its Wellness for Life program, employees have taken fewer sick days, productivity is up and insurance rates are down. Staff retention rates are close to 90 percent, “and we feel that the plethora of wellness opportunities we offer is a significant reason,” says Quintas. Employees receive an annual survey, and that feedback is used to keep tailoring the program in a way that reflects staff members’ needs.