Honest Tea

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Location: Bethesda, MD
Founded: 1998
Industry: Beverages

Honest Tea

Seth Goldman
TeaEO Emeritus

Tyler Elmendorf
HR Business Partner

Committing to wellness: Honest Tea was founded on the basis of providing lower-sugar beverages, so wellness is central to its mission. For the company’s first eight years, it had a small number of employees, and they generally embraced healthy lifestyles. However, when the company started to grow in earnest, the need for a more formalized wellness program became apparent.

FUN FACT: Every January, employees share any fitness, nutrition or health goals they want to work on during the year. At the annual company meeting, the company checks in on those goals.

Special perks: In 2007, Honest Tea brought on a wellness coach who now provides phone sessions to interested employees and writes weekly exercise and health tips for the company’s e-newsletter. Honest Tea also offers twice-weekly boot camp classes after work. The program is modified for each person’s skill level and fitness wishes, and has been adapted for Honest Tea’s pregnant employees as well as those with weight-loss goals.

Solid results: Honest Tea purposefully doesn’t measure results because it doesn’t consider them the primary reason for its wellness program. Instead, the company’s leadership looks to provide support to employees who want to start or maintain a path to health and wellness. Participation in Honest Tea’s wellness program is voluntary, but most employees choose to participate anyway.