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Location: Lanham, MD
Founded: 1975
Industry: Healthcare

Doctors Community Hospital

Paul Hagens
Vice President HR

Committing to wellness: Doctors Community Hospital (DCH) initially started its wellness program as a strategy to reduce escalating healthcare costs. As the program evolved, the focus expanded. “By targeting solutions to chronic health-related conditions of our staff, we realized that the costs would go down naturally because of reduced need for medical resources,” says Paul Hagens, vice president HR. “We have seen our staff implement and sustain healthy lifestyle changes, which has had a positive impact on our medical costs.”

FUN FACT: One of DCH’s nurses has lost 47 pounds and decreased her body fat by 10 percent with the help of company-sponsored wellness initiatives.

Special perks: DCH provides all employees with access to a wellness portal that contains wellness workshops, fitness and nutrition trackers, meal planners, exercise plans, recipe suggestions and information on wellness trends. Employees are also encouraged to take advantage of on-site fitness classes such as Zumba, yoga, salsa dancing and fitness boot camp. For an annual fee of $25, employees and their families have access to two on-site fitness centers.

Solid results: For the period of January 2015 to January 2016, 44 employees reduced their relative risk score (RRS). The RRS is a measure of expected resources needed to treat someone with a particular health profile for one year, relative to the average member of the benchmark sample. DCH has also seen a reduction in worker’s compensation claims due to a focused effort on wellness, and education on proper techniques for lifting and equipment use.