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Location: Herndon, VA
Founded: 1983
Industry: Technology


Ed Hutner
Senior Vice President, HR

Committing to wellness: Seven years ago, health claims data revealed that the incidence of diabetes, cholesterol and hypertension among Deltek employees was on the rise. So the company set out to build a wellness program run by the Deltek Well-Living Committee. “Through this program, we sought to reinforce our organization’s core values … by encouraging employees to be curious about their health choices, set goals to achieve results, compete in challenges with peers and be passionate about their own well-being,” says Ed Hutner, Deltek’s senior vice president, HR.

FUN FACT: Deltek provides financial assistance to help employees pay for fertility treatments and adoptions. 

Special perks: The Health Points program offers incentives to employees and their families for taking care of themselves. Participants can earn reward points for daily step challenges, well visits to their doctors, health risk assessments and many more activities. Other long-running initiatives encourage financial planning and relaxation. “At our Herndon headquarters, in addition to other locations, Deltek offers monthly, company-paid seated massages and workshops on how to reduce stress,” says Hutner.

Solid results: Of those participating in the Health Points program, 33 percent have reached Level Two or above, meaning they have earned more than 3,000 Health Points for activities logged during the past quarter. From a financial wellness perspective, 81 percent of employees have an average salary deferral of 7.9 percent of their income.