DC Water

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Location: Washington, DC
Founded: 1996
Industry: Professional services

DC Water

George Hawkins

Committing to wellness: DC Water started its program to build a culture of wellness among its employees. “One of our goals is to get employees in the habit of keeping active,” says CEO George Hawkins. “We encourage this by facilitating annual walking challenges, which can help increase employees’ overall energy. That increase in energy can make employees more productive on the job and improve morale.”

FUN FACT: In April, approximately 30 percent of DC Water employees participated in the Amazing Pace Walking Challenge.   

Special perks: DC Water hosts various seminars throughout the year, on topics that employees have requested or that have emerged as a growing issue based on healthcare data. Seminar topics have included diabetes, tobacco, healthy eating, and exercising on and off the job. The utility also conducts biometric screenings to help employees get to know their numbers. At a special “de-stress fair,” various vendors teach employees how to manage stress in the workplace and at home.

Solid results: “Our wellness programs have taught employees to encourage each other and work together,” says Hawkins. “For example, after our walking challenges end, employees continue to challenge each other through Fitbit.com to keep themselves active. They team up and walk together during lunch hours, and some of them even get together outside work hours to walk around school tracks, to walk over the Woodrow Wilson Bridge or to participate in marathons.”