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Location: Rockville, MD
Founded: 1994
Industry: Technology


B. Chatterjee

Committing to wellness: “Employee wellness has always been an integral part of the CNSI culture,” says CEO B. Chatterjee. “In fact, the initial discussions between the four co-founders about forming an IT company happened on the racquetball court.” That dedication to wellness has stayed with the company over the years and, as it grew, it became clear that its wellness program needed to be formalized. All employees were surveyed on their likes, dislikes, goals and objectives. With this information in hand, CNSI launched a revamped corporate wellness program in January 2015.

FUN FACT: The winner of CNSI’s Biggest Loser challenge lost 34 pounds and has kept up his new, healthier habits since then.

Special perks: CNSI’s annual wellness benefits include a $50 wellness-tool reimbursement benefit, $75 to register for a race or walk and $500 toward a sports team sponsorship. The company also offers an on-site fitness center, a company-sponsored sports team, monthly Fruit Friday events, bi-monthly healthy afternoon snack breaks, monthly wellness give-away raffles, on-site nutrition and meditation classes, and on-site flu shots. Participants in all programs are surveyed for their feedback.

Solid results: More than 120 employees at CNSI participated in a 12-week Biggest Loser challenge, from Memorial Day to Labor Day 2015. The top three each received a cash prize. In total, participating CNSI employees lost 426 pounds and had a program completion rate of 58 percent.