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Location: Reston, VA
Founded: 2006
Industry: Technology


Yuchun Lee
CEO and Board Member

Committing to wellness: “Although we are an East Coast company, we strive for a West Coast, California-style culture,” says Yuchun Lee, CEO and board member at Clarabridge. “We realized that a formal wellness program would contribute to that kind of high-productivity-yet-balanced, healthy culture. While work can be stressful, we strive to provide programs and benefits that counterbalance that stress.” In addition, Clarabridge believes that a wellness program can help attract a young, vibrant workforce.

FUN FACT: Clarabridge’s weight-loss challenge starts before Thanksgiving and ends in January. 

Special perks: Clarabridge discounts gym memberships by $20 a month for employees who attend their gym eight or more times per month. In addition, the company offers a 12-week free yoga class in the fall and a walking challenge that motivates employees to get out during the spring. In summer, employees participate in a stair-walking challenge to keep moving indoors. For Clarabridge’s walking challenge, employees join teams of five and everyone receives a pedometer. Over 30 days, employees log how many steps they walk each day. At the end of the challenge, the team with the most steps wins an award. In 2015, the winners received customized Nike shoes in Clarabridge colors.

Solid results: Clarabridge’s health insurance provider decreased the company’s renewal cost by 10 percent from 2015 to 2016 based on participation in and results from the Clarabridge wellness program. More than 15 percent of employees have completed the company’s entire 11-week weight-loss challenge. During last year’s walking challenge, Clarabridge walkers covered 49,659,478 steps in one month.