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Location: Fairfax, VA
Founded: 1976
Industry: Technology


Tammy Heller
U.S. HR Vice President

Committing to wellness: “As an organization, we value our members and believe that their health and wellness are crucial to their success and ours,” says Tammy Heller, U.S. HR vice president at CGI. Oxygen, the company’s health and wellness program, was developed with this in mind and is designed to foster a culture of health and wellness.

FUN FACT: Each year, more than 20,000 employees participate in Walk Around the World, which takes place on the same day at CGI offices around the world.

Special perks: Oxygen is made up of a multidisciplinary team of health experts who support employees in their efforts to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. “The program is at the forefront of best practices in the field of workplace health and wellness,” says Heller. Employees have access to the Oxygen Portal, an interactive platform that hosts a large amount of health-related content, including challenges, tests, tools, and articles written by health professionals. CGI sends monthly emails to employees to inform them about different health-related topics and organized activities.

Solid results: Fifty-one percent of employees completed their annual health risk assessment. Of those who did, 678 employees were identified as high-risk and contacted by a health professional for individual coaching sessions. During a summer nutritional challenge, employees were provided 5,475 servings of fresh fruit. They were encouraged to eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day for three weeks.