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Location: McLean, VA
Founded: 1914
Industry: Professional services

Booz Allen Hamilton

Andrea Inserra
Senior Vice President

Committing to wellness: “We wanted to offer our employees and their families the programs, tools and resources they need to be at their best — physically, emotionally and financially,” says Andrea Inserra, senior vice president at Booz Allen Hamilton. The firm also knew it needed a defined wellness strategy to unite its dispersed workforce and address persistent health challenges among its employees, such as high prevalence and increasing severity of chronic conditions.

FUN FACT: Before Booz Allen implemented its wellness program, 25 percent of its employees were living with a chronic condition.

Special perks: While working to improve the healthy options available in the dining area, Booz Allen included color-coded caloric indicators in its vending machines so employees could identify what items they should eat based on their wellness goals. The firm also sponsors regular seminars to reinforce healthy eating and exercise habits. Employees have participated in a number of challenges, including Feel Like a Million, which was designed to teach healthy habits that sustain energy and reduce stress.

Solid results: Members of Booz Allen’s leadership team review metrics related to employee wellness throughout the year. So far, the firm has seen decreases in ER visits and total days of care per 1,000 employees. Participation in biometric screenings and health risk assessments has increased by 350 percent. The percentage of employees within the healthy range of blood pressure has increased 21 percent.