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Location: Washington, DC
Founded: 1975
Industry: Professional services

American Society of Interior Designers

Randy Fiser

Committing to wellness: When the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) designed its new office space at 1152 15th St. NW, wellness considerations were a top priority. The space provides easy access to clean water, fresh fruit and sit/stand workstations, and is constructed to include plentiful daylight.  “The goal we are seeking to achieve is to understand the facets of the environment that shape every employee’s overall health, and to incorporate them naturally into our daily life,” says Randy Fiser, CEO of ASID.

FUN FACT: Employees at ASID receive at least two pieces of fresh fruit or vegetables daily.

Special perks: The wellness program at ASID involves continuous and ongoing monitoring of air and water quality. For example, air inside the office is monitored for inorganic gasses, ventilation effectiveness, microbes and mold. Water provided to employees for drinking and cleaning is monitored and filtered for sediment, microorganisms, dissolved metals, herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and public water additives like disinfectants and fluoride. “The access to clean and delicious drinking water encourages and promotes a healthy, hydrated environment,” says Fiser.

Solid results: “The ideal comfort level for mind and body is the environment developed at our office space,” says Fiser. ASID, he says, also provides an environment that optimizes cognitive and emotional health. “We promote a healthy work-life balance through health benefits, prenatal leave and employer-supported child care and family support.”