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Location: McLean, VA
Founded: 2003
Industry: Professional and financial services

Actualize Consulting

Kerry Elam
Managing Director HR

Committing to wellness: Actualize Consulting started its wellness program to create a happier and healthier workplace for its entire employee population. “Many firms are focused on offering wellness benefits, yet may simply check the box of a wellness program that does not work for all their employees,” says Kerry Elam, managing director of HR at Actualize Consulting. “The goal needs to be to cultivate wellness year-round in a way that works for [everyone].”

FUN FACT: Employees who take part in Actualize Consulting’s periodic wellness challenges are rewarded with additional wellness dollars and small prizes for participation.

Special perks: Each employee at Actualize Consulting receives a $500 wellness allowance. “These dollars can go towards anything related to overall well-being,” says Elam. “We understand that each employee will have a different view of what wellness means to them.” Actualize Consulting offers classes during work hours to support physical movement, and encourages team inclusion with wellness challenges throughout the year.

Solid results: The first year Actualize Consulting offered a wellness program, more than half its employees lost significant weight. “The shift in energy was evident, and there has been more employee satisfaction within the firm,” says Elam. The company has not measured the amount of sick days taken year over year, but has noticed increased interest in health and wellness among its employees. Employees are engaged in Actualize Consulting’s wellness events, and are using the wellness stipend to participate in additional healthy activities.