WTS, Inc.

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Marc Wexler
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Location: Rockville, MD
Founded: 2004

WTS, Inc.

Marc E. Wexler

WTS, Inc. supports the federal government in its task of helping new citizens become productive members of U.S. society. For example, the company has produced the software used by U.S. Customs and Immigration Services to grant citizenship benefits and ensure the integrity of the country’s immigration system. In addition, federal law enforcement uses WTS solutions to identify and capture those who may be engaged in terrorism or organized crime.

Words of Wisdom: “We work most of our waking lives, so we’d better make this fun somehow.”

WTS has incubated numerous small businesses, and in the past decade, the company’s C-level personnel has provided administrative, operational and strategic support to several multi-million dollar businesses through this mentorship. In addition, WTS has crafted flexible, non-binding contracts with incubated companies to allow them the freedom to exist within the ecosystem in which they were forged — which means they can compete directly with WTS.

Between 2013 and 2015, WTS won 11 out of 15 prime contract bids. That’s because WTS decided to “play the ball instead of the person,” says CEO Marc E. Wexler. “For a long time, we responded to bids by always considering what we thought the government wanted. We reverse-engineered solutions based on solicitation language and conventional wisdom. Eventually, we tossed aside that strategy and bid (almost) like we didn’t care. We confidently built capabilities and products based on our practical understanding of what made sense. Clients saw the value and responded by awarding us contracts.”