Veracity Engineering, LLC

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Thomas R. Lamoureux and Tran Hai
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Location: Washington, DC
Founded: 2001

Veracity Engineering, LLC

Hai N. Tran
Founder and CEO

Thomas R. Lamoureux

Veracity Engineering, LLC supports the Federal Aviation Administration and the aviation community. “We believe that succeeding in a competitive market and going about business the right way are not mutually exclusive,” says founder and CEO Hai N. Tran. “People who step over others to get where they want to go are short-sighted.”

Words of Wisdom: “Success means different things to different people, so determine what success truly means to you and not how it is defined by others.”

In 2015, Veracity was named one of the best small businesses to work for in Washington, DC, based on employees’ responses to a survey by Workplace Dynamics. Seventy-two percent of employees participated in the survey. “They provided 140 comments and improvement ideas, all of which were implemented within the next few months,” says Tran. “Veracity was above the industry benchmark in every area, on every factor, and for every question asked.”

Veracity employees are engaged in everything from coaching youth sports to taking part in fire and rescue agencies, and mentoring students at local schools. As an organization, Veracity has been an active participant in Autism Speaks’ “Light It Up Blue” program for World Autism Awareness Day. Veracity employees everywhere wear blue and actively participate in local outreach programs.