Strategic Operational Solutions Inc.

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Min Chong
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Location: Vienna, VA
Founded: 2006

Strategic Operational Solutions Inc.

Min Chong
President and CEO

Strategic Operational Solutions Inc. (STOPSO) currently maintains 25 prime contracts with the federal government, at an average annual revenue growth rate of 100 percent. To reach its strategic objectives, STOPSO aims to foster “a vibrant culture that permeates our corporate and site locations, promotes engagement, drives ethical behavior and performance excellence,” says Min Chong, president and CEO.

Words of Wisdom: “Focus on your employee and customer satisfaction. Plan strategically for your future and be agile in
your execution.”

STOPSO’s growth has been driven by identifying prime contract opportunities, investing in partner relationships and focusing on national security contracts. “Winning prime contracts has boosted both our credibility and capability as a small business,” says Chong. At the same time, investing in strategic partner relationships with trusted teammates has allowed the company to expand its opportunities and pursue larger contracts.

Chong has invested in the future of STOPSO through new leadership and improvements to the company infrastructure. This year, he added both a CFO and a vice president for strategy and development. “These positions were added to handle the increasing complexity of company operations and provide creative solutions to challenges presented by dramatic growth,” says Chong.