SharpMinds, LLC

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Kristin Buczek
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Location: Alexandria, VA
Founded: 1998

SharpMinds, LLC

Kristin A. Buczek

Five years ago, SharpMinds, LLC became a small-business prime partner with Accenture, delivering integration and sustainment support on the Defense Logistics Agency’s (DLA) Enterprise Business Services and Energy Convergence contracts. “Our decision to partner with Accenture and Optimal Solutions was a confident one, given that both firms were current clients of SharpMinds and we had a history of a trusted relationship,” says CEO Kristin A. Buczek. “This partnership has provided tremendous growth for our firm, along with seamless and outstanding support to DLA.”

Words of Wisdom: “Today’s competitor could be tomorrow’s partner — corporate reputation always wins.”

SharpMinds has built a base of more than 1,500 commercial clients over 18 years. “We recognize that one our strengths in going forward and competing against large firms is in our ability to tap into our extensive commercial client base to build the right strategic partnership for any specific opportunity,” says Buczek.

“SharpMinds thrives on identifying prospective young professionals and developing their full potential,” says Buczek. During the past few years, 20 percent of the company’s workforce has come from recent college graduates who were part of the SharpMinds intern credit program in coordination with local universities. In addition, the company has hired several highly skilled veterans.