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David Steiner
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Location: Silver Spring, MD
Founded: 1985

D+R International

David P. Steiner
President and CEO

D+R International has been involved with the Energy Star program since its inception in 1982. Energy Star is the designation the federal government applies for high-efficiency products in the marketplace. The company has worked to help spur the adoption of Energy Star products, both as a prime and sub to the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. “We can’t take full credit by any means of course for what has been achieved, but we are very proud of the fact that we’ve had a helping hand in making that pitch to the American public,” says David P Steiner, president and CEO of D+R. 

Words of Wisdom: “We want to team with the best companies, either as a prime or a sub, for highly interesting and mission-critical work at the agencies with which we enjoy working.”

Over the years, D+R’s growth has been spurred by what Steiner calls “an intense focus on data, the sources of the data and how the data is interpreted.” The company focuses on getting accurate sources of data, then brings that data to its projects to help leaders make the most informed decisions about how they should develop programs and implement them going forward.

D+R is involved in several volunteer initiatives, which include tending its own garden of native, drought-resistant plants at the corner of Georgia Avenue and Spring Street in Silver Spring. Once a month, D+R also has a team prepare and serve food at Shepherd’s Table. And that’s not all: Last fall, D+R made a commitment to donate 10 percent of its profits to charity each year.