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Dr. Corinna Lathan
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Location: Silver Spring, MD
Founded: 1999


Dr. Corinna E. Lathan
CEO and Board Chair

“Our team of creative visionaries, comprised of designers, engineers and scientists, works together to develop innovative, research-based technologies that influence change and enhance the lives of the end user,” says Dr. Corinna E. Lathan, CEO and board chair at AnthroTronix (ATinc). ATinc has been funded through Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants. The SBIR program is a set-aside for small companies to receive funds from federal R&D dollars. 

Words of Wisdom: “Without innovation, there is no growth. Think of your ideas as necessary for evolution, and then implement.”

In 2005, the company commercialized its first product, Cosmo’s Learning Systems. The product is “an innovation in learning for children of developmental age between two and eight years, with and without disabilities,” says Lathan. Cosmo’s is a family of learning tools, which includes Mission Control, a computer interface device that enables children to interact with Cosmo’s Play and Learn software and other software products.

ATinc’s AcceleGlove is an instrumented gesture-recognition glove based on accelerometric, patented technology for detecting the individual motions of the finger, hand, wrist and arm. The AcceleGlove can be used as a controller, using the natural movements of the operator’s hand and arm as the input device to control both the movement of a robotic device as well as the movement of ancillary devices, such as grasping and lifting arms.