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Location: Washington, DC
Founded: 2003
Industry: Technology
Generations: 1

Category: Large


Ben Edson
Founder and CEO

Since its founding, VariQ has been focused on providing the finest technical capabilities while remaining reliable, accessible and easy to work with. “I simply wanted to deliver good service to customers while taking advantage of the business opportunity of being able to work for myself,” says Ben Edson, founder and CEO of VariQ. “Our speed and agility give us an advantage, because customers want to work with the company that gets the job done more quickly and affordably. Being opportunistic and doing things better than others has always been key to VariQ’s success”

“Younger family members will have to qualify for positions with the same education, certifications, skills and determination I would seek in any other candidate,” says Edson. “Fortunately, as the second-eldest of 15 siblings, I know my siblings’ personalities and understand their different stages of development. It’s the equivalent of a 15-year interview process. … I don’t have to take a chance, because I already know the answer. Sometimes that answer is ‘no’ because the time just isn’t right for a family member.”

Fun Fact: “I earned the money to start my first tech business working for a year as a commercial fisherman in Alaska with my brother Tom, staying out at sea for three to four months at a time.”

“Having worked together for a good part of our lives, we can usually discuss and agree on difficult topics and subjects more quickly, without having to feel the other person doesn’t understand or misconstrues our meaning,” says Edson. “Family, extended family and friends working together removes some of the normal sensitivities between coworkers and increases efficiency, because we don’t need to over-explain our actions or decisions.”

“What’s my vision for VariQ? To be a world-class consulting services organization, trusted by clients and partners for thoughtful leadership, technical ability, operational excellence and engaged employees,” says Edson.