The Long & Foster Companies

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P. Wesley “Wes” Foster Jr. headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Chantilly, VA
Founded: 1968
Industry: Real estate
Generations: 2

Category: Large

The Long & Foster Companies

P. Wesley Wes Foster Jr.
Chairman and CEO

The Long & Foster Companies were built upon the ideals of integrity, honesty, innovation and strong customer service, all of which remain integral to how everyday business is conducted. Since Long & Foster and its various divisions offer a wide selection of real estate services, such as home mortgages and property management, customers often come to rely on the collection of companies for all their real estate needs.

“It often makes sense for people new to the industry, including family members, to become an agent or to work in one of our many real estate offices as a first step,” says P. Wesley “Wes” Foster Jr., chairman and CEO of Long & Foster. “All the Foster family members inside our firm have either worked as an agent or as an employee — like a sales or branch manager — in one of our offices at the start of their careers with the company. This approach ensures that those who aspire to leadership positions have a great understanding of the business at the ground level.”

Fun Fact: The name Long & Foster was determined during a coin toss between co-founders Henry Long and Wes Foster.

Although Long & Foster is committed to remaining a family business, the company recognizes that there are many talented individuals who are not part of the family, but whose talents can contribute to the company’s growth. As a result, Long & Foster is equipped with an executive team of veteran businesspeople from leading mortgage companies and businesses in the Fortune 100.

“Long & Foster strives to be the place that both novice and advanced real estate and financial services professionals call home; to be the company that attracts associates who share our passion for providing exceptional customer service; and to be known as the best firm for agents and employees to achieve success,” says Foster.