The Keelen Group

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Location: Washington, DC
Founded: 2004
Industry: Media/PR
Generations: 1

Category: Emerging

The Keelen Group

Matt Keelen

The Keelen Group sets itself apart from competitors by approaching clients as family. They are invited into a home-like office, as opposed to the less personal setting used by many other companies. “The Keelen Group has tried to change the old model of Washington, where clients were under-served and over-charged,” says president Matt Keelen. “We believe it is essential to constantly be winning for our clients and adding to their bottom lines.”

The Keelen Group is a first-generation family business. However, founder Matt Keelen’s parents have operated separate family businesses for more than 40 years, and serve as advisors for the growing company. The Keelen Group also consults with an advisory board made up of retired public affairs specialists several times a year.

Quick Tip: “If you open a family business, treat your clients like family.”

“Our office culture is one that stresses team work, hard work, success and having fun together,” Keelen explains. “My wife Jennifer and I have been bringing our two daughters to our work events since they were born. Both have helped work at our special events and traveled with us to client events. We hope they both come to work with us when they are old enough. Nothing would bring us more pleasure.”

The Keelen Group hopes to build a legacy that helps change the culture of Washington as well as the public relations and lobbying industry. “We believe that our hard work and effectiveness help us stand out amongst our competitors and that our success is helping change the business model of our industry,” Keelen explains. “These values were there at the start of this company and are the core that holds our business together.”