Social Driver

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Thomas Sanchez and Anthony Shop headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Washington, DC
Founded: 2011
Industry: Marketing
Generations: 1

Category: Small

Social Driver

Thomas Sanchez, Founder and CEO
Anthony Shop, Co-founder and CSO

Co-founders Thomas Sanchez and Anthony Shop built Social Driver on three core beliefs: The future is bright, progress is a social driver, and drivers make history. “We are optimists who believe that when smart, passionate people work toward a goal, anything is possible,” Sanchez says. “We choose not to be passengers, sitting on the sidelines wondering, ‘What will they come up with next?’ Instead, we are drivers, making that future we are so excited to be a part of.”

At Social Driver, family members — most recently, a niece and a cousin — participate in the application and interview process as any other employee would. “We were excited about how well each performed, and their interactions with other staff. It gave us hope for incorporating future family members into our business. As with all new team members, we look to qualifications, but also aptitude and interest, and we provide mentorship and training,” Sanchez says.

Quick Tip: “Focus more on what you give than what you get.”

“Employees drive workplace culture. We put them at the center of everything we do and empower them to pilot new ideas that will make our workplace the best for our team,” Sanchez says. Employees, including the CEO, work in an open floor plan to promote flow and collaboration, and Shop and Sanchez encourage the contribution of ideas in person and through technology.

“It is especially important to us that Social Driver contribute more to our communities — the local DC community, and other communities we are part of, including the LGBT and Hispanic communities — than we receive from them,” Sanchez explains. “Each time we hire a young person, we create an opportunity for her to learn, grow and succeed.”