Sheehy Auto Stores

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Family Business Honoree

Location: Fairfax, VA
Founded: 1965
Industry: Automotive
Generations: 2

Category: Large

Sheehy Auto Stores

Vince Sheehy

A family-owned business since it was founded as one Ford store in Marlow Heights, MD, Sheehy Auto Stores has grown to more than $1 billion in sales, with more than 35,000 new and used vehicles sold each year. Throughout Sheehy Auto Stores’ 50 years in business, a strong commitment to customer service and supporting the local community have helped drive the company’s growth.

Sheehy Auto Stores requires that members of the third generation get experiences for a few years outside the car business before they are hired. Each family member needs to answer the question, “How will hiring you enhance and improve our company?” “Working in a family business is not a right but a privilege,” says president Vince Sheehy.

Quick Tip: “Giving back to the communities you serve is very important.”

When Sheehy left the corporate world to join his father’s business, his goal was to make a positive impact on the automobile industry and its future. He created a unique internal culture to help him build a reputation as a quality establishment that would generate a stream of referral business. Sheehy implemented the Sheehy Markdown, a three-day used car money-back guarantee, and a $4,000 low-price guarantee.

Sheehy does not spend any time thinking about the company’s legacy. He believes that is the beginning of the end of a business. Instead, he spends his time ensuring that the company is living its mission, which is to build long-term trust with its customers and communities.