ROSS Companies

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Beth Ross and Scott Ross headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Bethesda, MD
Founded: 1983
Industry: Real estate
Generations: 1

Category: Large

ROSS Companies

Beth Ross and Scott Ross

ROSS Companies’ founding principles, including leadership, collaboration and integrity, remain with the company today, and support the ongoing success of founders Beth and Scott Ross. The business is comprised of experienced multifamily professionals who cultivate leadership in each team member. At the same time, ROSS Companies believes that customers are paramount and decisions should be made with their needs in mind.

Beth and Scott Ross’s children have chosen not to enter the business and have chosen their own career paths. As a result, ROSS Companies has hired experienced individuals who have worked with the owners to create a succession path that will promote the company’s future growth.

Quick Tip: “It’s hard to separate business and family life, and business can affect family life. Family business owners need to find ways to separate their business from their personal family relationships.”

ROSS Companies’ culture is defined by a number of basic tenets, including transparency, accountability and an open-door policy. These tenets ensure that all employees know their role, how to communicate openly and honestly with each other, and how to make decisions in a manner that will uphold the founders’ values even after they retire.

Relationships are at the center of the legacy ROSS Companies wants to preserve. Beth and Scott Ross began putting the pieces in place 12 years ago, when they began looking for and hiring the next generation of leaders. They knew their children weren’t going to assume the responsibility of running the company or its affiliates because they were pursuing their own career paths, so they worked with a team of advisors to create the correct structure for the eventual transfer of leadership. Beth and Scott Ross continue to work with this team of advisors today.