Phoenix TS

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Firoozeh Azarbaidjani-Do headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Columbia, MD
Founded: 1998
Industry: Education
Generations: 1

Category: Emerging

Phoenix TS

Firoozeh AzarbaidjaniDo

Phoenix TS stresses core values such as honesty, humility, open-mindedness, adaptability, hard work and supporting the work family. CEO Firoozeh Azarbaidjani-Do believes that these values have been essential for the company’s growth and stability. “There have definitely been times when we haven’t followed all of these values to a tee, and it was during those times that we also didn’t perform nearly as well as we could have,” Azarbaidjani-Do says.

Phoenix TS would never hire a family member simply because they are part of the family. “They must come to us with the right level of education or experience for the job they are applying to,” Azarbaidjani-Do explains. “We prefer that family members spend a significant amount of time at other organizations before coming to Phoenix TS in order to prove that they are capable of working well in the position they are seeking, and that they are capable of growing within an organization that is outside the family business.”

Fun Fact: “In 2006, we were going through a rough patch and needed $10,000 to keep afloat. No one would lend the money to us. On a whim, our employee Ben walked into a casino with $300 and left 12 hours later… with exactly $10,000.”

“We have definitely made it a priority to exude a family-like feel in the office, and we encourage support for one another both in and out of the office,” says Azarbaidjani-Do. “This mentality has led to more open communication throughout the workplace and greater concern for each other.”

Azarbaidjani-Do wants Phoenix TS to be remembered as not just an educational facility, but a real solution for thousands of individuals around the world. “Every business decision we make needs to be taken through this litmus test,” she says.