Patton Electronics Company

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Robert R. Patton headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Gaithersburg, MD
Founded: 1984
Industry: Telecommunications
Generations: 3

Category: Medium

Patton Electronics Company

Robert R. Patton
President and CEO

Robert E. Patton financed Patton Electronics Company from the start and joined as president and CEO in its second year. In 2009, he passed that role to his son, Robert R. Patton. Robert E. Patton continued to serve as chairman of the board until his death in 2014, at age 87. “Patton Electronics was founded on the biblical values of wisdom and diligence with fiscal discipline and problem solving,” says Robert R. Patton. “Depression-era values permeated the advice of Dad Patton. An early corporate mission statement was quoted directly from Proverbs 24:3-4.”

Since Patton Electronics offers a wide variety of products and services, employee qualifications vary for each individual job. However, attributes such as honesty, creativity and reliability are always important, since they help sustain the traditional values that have governed the company for its entire existence. While many roles in the company are filled by family members, Patton ensures every one of them meets the qualifications, certifications and expectations pertinent to their respective jobs.

Fun Fact: The founders are from a family of 10 children, who have created a new generation approaching 100.

By the time Patton took on the role of CEO, he had already been running the company as president for several years. As a result, there was virtually no perceptible change in the company’s culture, process and products. His father’s maxims, such as “We believe in planning for the long haul. We have no exit strategy,” are still frequently quoted.

Patton Electronics’ traditional values helped the company attain its successes, and Patton wants to be certain that those values are remembered by everyone, whether they work for the company or are a customer.