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Virgil Virga headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Fairfax, VA
Founded: 2011
Industry: Professional services
Generations: 1

Category: Large


Virgil Virga

“We believe that finding passion in all we do, always trying to improve, lifting our teammates, executing the mission and taking a moment to celebrate our successes are all key factors in setting Metronome apart,” says COO Virgil Virga. “Our family has a culture all of its own. We knew when we started Metronome that it would be an extended part of our family. What better way to build a strong company that feels like home than to abide by our core values?”

“The hiring process would be the same for anyone that applies, including family members,” says Virga. “Just as we would expect a family member to be held to the same standards while working at Metronome. Family or not, if you are the best fit for a role, you are welcome.”

Fun Fact: Metronome has over 45 uniquely framed and signed concert posters adorning the walls of its corporate office.

“Within our core values-based culture, we insist on being a leader at all times,” Virga says. “We implemented leadership training, which has been a very successful investment.” In addition, ideas and input are vital for Metronome’s culture to stay fresh and vibrant: “At Metronome, we listen to every voice, be it a vice president’s or an intern’s.”

“We want to be looked back on as vulnerable, decisive leaders who thought of the person first and last,” says Virga. “We want our legacy to be that each day, we recognized [an employee] for their display of core values; every day, we led with intent; every day, we offered a hug and support. Every vulnerable moment adds up to the legacy the Virgas will leave.”