Mayflower Textile Services Co.

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Mukul M. Mehta headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Baltimore, MD
Founded: 1985
Industry: Healthcare
Generations: 2

Category: Medium

Mayflower Textile Services Co.

Mukul M. Mehta
President and CEO

Ever since Mayflower Textile Services Co. (MTS) was founded, the company has been dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality and best value. Those core values have helped MTS achieve significant growth over the past 30 years. From its humble beginnings processing 600,000 pounds of linen in its first year, MTS has grown into a major operation with an annual production volume of 15 million pounds.

Hard work and communications skills are critical in a service business like MTS, but family members are expected to go a step further: Every single family member who wants to work at MTS must start from the ground up, acquiring at least two years of full-time experience outside the firm so they have the accumulated knowledge and experience to perform well.

Fun Fact: Mayflower started out with just three small washers processing about 1,000 pounds of linen a day. Today, Mayflower processes about 50,000 pounds of linen daily, using two state-of-the-art tunnel washer systems.

MTS’ business structure is flexible by design. This helps the company adapt to new technology, industry or business demands. Its leaders are trained to wear multiple hats, but their core roles are clarified based on their knowledge and skills.

MTS’ long-term goal is not to be remembered as a great vendor of services so much as a great partner. “We at Mayflower don’t act like a typical profit-driven business entity or vendor,” says Mukul M. Mehta, president and CEO of MTS. “We don’t just appreciate our customers’ business, but we also care for their business and always look for ways to help them succeed.”