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Location: Annapolis, MD
Founded: 1993
Industry: Technology
Generations: 2

Category: Small


Jessica Tanenhaus
Director of Consulting Services

Mavenspire’s core principles have evolved over the years — from the founder’s original vision of “the technology comes first” and “maintain our independence” to today’s more nuanced focus on partnership and blending with other businesses. As director of consulting services Jessica Tanenhaus observes, “We are not the same company we were in 1992 — and we’re OK with that.”

“Generally speaking, we have two criteria for bringing in a family member, and they have to meet both of those criteria before they can join the company. The initial criterion is that they must have relevant, significant experience outside the company,” says Tanenhaus. “The second criterion is that the person coming on has to have something they can uniquely offer, and which the company needs. There has to be some driving reason that makes the potential extra strains of bringing more family into the mix worthwhile.”

Fun Fact: The original owners of the company now come along on executive board-meeting trips and act as nannies to the kids.

One of the most vital facets of Mavenspire’s culture is the importance of people working in the business, says Tanenhaus. “In addition, we believe strongly in individual ownership and responsibility, so our decisions have to be in line with that.”

“Our legacy will be a company … that has become so much greater than us as individuals, or even as a family, that it no longer needs us to thrive and be successful,” says Tanenhaus. “Nothing is more satisfying than building something that lasts, and something that is bigger than yourself.”