Linder Global Events

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Family Business Honoree

Location: Washington, DC
Founded: 1996
Industry: Events management
Generations: 1

Category: Small

Linder Global Events

Rebecca Linder
Founder and CEO

From the beginning, Linder Global Events has based its operations on six key values: growth, efficiency, excellence, respect, balance and integrity. The company’s belief in service and focus on clients’ success remain in place today. Linder Global Events’ founding principles have been a reliable and valuable guide as the company has grown over the past 19 years.

“Family must be qualified to work here, and the only special treatment they receive is that a higher expectation is placed on them,” says Rebecca Linder, founder and CEO of Linder Global Events. “Regardless of qualification, I believe strongly in working from the ground up and having a holistic view of an organization. This philosophy permeates the company and its onboarding process.”

Fun Fact: “Most people assume my parents started the company and are surprised to find out they were my first employees.”

Customer expectations for events are constantly evolving, and consequently, the team at Linder Global is always looking for ways to adapt tried-and-true legacy events to new developments. “This approach carries back to our culture,” says Linder. “We recognize that the world is constantly evolving and that trends — not just business ones — influence how people view brands and events, and frankly how business is conducted.”

“We want to positively impact the world through our vehicle of events, and make it a better place,” Linder explains. “ We want our legacy to be one of contribution and responsibility. This idea of legacy has evolved as I have had children of my own. … I want to hand down the importance of service, valuable contribution, personal growth and resilience to the next generations.”