J. R. Caskey, Inc.

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Family Business Honoree

Location: Oilville, VA
Founded: 1985
Industry: Construction
Generations: 2

Category: Small

J. R. Caskey, Inc.

Ginger Caskey

J. R. Caskey, Inc. is a woman-owned commercial site and utility contractor, and has been offering a variety of construction services in central Virginia for more than 30 years. “Our company was built on hard work and standing behind our services. Honesty and integrity are the principles upon which our company was built and will continue to operate,” says Ginger Caskey, president of J.R. Caskey, Inc.

“Our boys have been working in the company in one form or another since they were kids. They have earned the respect of the field personnel and foremen,” Caskey says. “They all have worked as general labor in the summers, evolving to qualified equipment operators and drivers as needed. They are respected because they will do any job needed. We are looking forward to the new ideas and processes that they are learning in school and on the job, training and interning with other contractors.”

Quick Tip: “Don’t think about doing it if it’s all about the money. It’s not. It’s your name. It’s your life. It’s never just nine to five.”

To maintain quality, the J.R. Caskey team keeps its focus on surpassing all industry standards and exceeding customer expectations. “We believe in providing the best possible total solution to our customers by supplying services that exceed their needs and by being personally responsive to their concerns,” says Caskey.

Caskey emphasizes that the company has built its reputation on its founding values. But looking forward, J.R. Caskey is focused on the larger picture. “We are growing a family legacy to keep going for the next generation. It is important to us that our family, our employees and customers support and believe in us. It is a team effort,” says Caskey.