Interstate Batteries

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Anthony Barbour headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Woodbridge, VA
Founded: 1970
Industry: Manufacturing
Generations: 3

Category: Emerging

Interstate Batteries

Anthony Barbour
President and CEO

“Our values are squarely rooted in biblically-based principles like love, care, service and striving for excellence,” says Anthony Barbour, president and CEO of Interstate Batteries. “We believe these principles require us to foster an enriching experience for all our stakeholders. We embrace diversity and believe that our different life experiences, gifts, faiths and perspectives contribute to the creation of great value for our stakeholders. Simply stated, we have always tried to practice the golden rule with our customers and our team members.”

“I have put together a ‘game plan’ that has short- and long-term goals. Those are also benchmarks for my son to meet, for him to some day be equipped to take leadership over our business,” says Barbour. “It was a long process for me, so I expect it to be the same with my son. I appreciate the business more, I believe, because of the hard work it took to get to this point.”

Fun Fact: “My father got all these people started in our business: My father-in-law, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, my wife’s uncle and sons, my uncles, my elementary school principal and my childhood babysitter’s family.”

A handful of questions shape Interstate Batteries’ decision-making process on how to go to market, says Barbour: “Does it fit into our purpose and values? Is it safe for our team? Is it good for our customers? Is it profitable for our team and our dealers/customers? Is it a win-win?”

Barbour would like Interstate Batteries to be remembered as a business that put relationships and community first. “We have supported Youth for Tomorrow, a residential facility for at-risk teenagers, for over 20 years,” he says.