Gray Graphics Corporation

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Abrahem Helal headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Capitol Heights, MD
Founded: 1934
Industry: Printing, records management,
3D printing, additive manufacturing
Generations: 2

Category: Medium

Gray Graphics Corporation

Abrahem Helal
VP of Operations and Corporate Facility Security Officer

Since its inception, Gray Graphics Corporation has emphasized the values of hard work, discipline and integrity. Although the company’s offerings have expanded from design, print, mail and distribution to electronic services such as DVD duplication and 3D printing, Gray Graphics’ leadership is devoted to keeping these core values at the company’s heart.

Saber and Amal Helal incorporated Gray Graphics in 1975, and it wasn’t long until their three children, Asma Helal Zaki, Rhonda Helal and Abrahem Helal were all introduced to the business. Each of the children grew up in the business and learned every component of its operations from an early age.

Quick Tip: “Be inclusive, pragmatic, honest, organized and determined. Those have been our family’s key ingredients for success.”

“As our parents would say, ‘No one’s just going to hand you business — you have to get out there and earn it; whether that’s attaining the certifications that will make you competitive or spearheading new marketing campaigns that draw in business,’” Abrahem Helal notes. To that end, Gray Graphics is always looking for new avenues to achieve success, especially ones that competitors have not yet focused on. “Both personally and professionally, Gray Graphics’ new generation of leaders lives by looking for what isn’t getting done and then doing it. To us, that’s earning it,” Helal says.

“We want our legacy to be that we support our clients’ mission by adapting to their evolving needs in a changing market,” Helal says. As part of keeping up with that changing world, Gray Graphics also hopes to contribute to developing a new generation of leaders that will eventually take the reins.