Gelberg Signs

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Family Business Honoree

Location: Washington, DC
Founded: 1941
Industry: Sign manufacturing
Generations: 2

Category: Medium


Gelberg Signs

Guy Brami

“In 1989, when we acquired the company, there were no existing mission or vision statements [and no] established set of core values,” says Guy Brami, principal of Gelberg Signs. “We quickly established the vision and mission statements for the company and have maintained them since.” Gelberg Signs has focused on serving customers with confidence and knowledge, improving its products and services, maintaining customer confidence, and improving bonds of respect with coworkers, clients and vendors.

Employees at Gelberg Signs are expected to be dependable, hard-working and loyal. To that end, Brami believes in providing employees with opportunities for advancement, cross training, great wages and excellent benefits.

Fun Fact: President Barack Obama visited Gelberg Signs and gave his jobs report to the nation in front of its employees.

Brothers Guy, Neil and Luc Brami are equal partners in the business. Each of them makes major decisions on his own if such decisions fall under the scope of his particular job. If the decisions are of a larger scope, the brothers follow a simple, group-based decision-making system. “In general, if two of the three feel strongly, then majority rules in all matters that would not potentially result in a financial hardship for the company,” Brami says. “In matters that could produce a financial hardship, our decision must be unanimous. In our 25-plus years of partnership, we’ve yet to have an issue with this simple rule in our decision making.”

Gelberg Signs is responsible for the signs at sites such as the Smithsonian Museum, Verizon Center, Nationals Park and the White House, and Brami hopes that the company will be remembered for such achievements, as well as many more down the line. “We want our employees, clients and family to know we’re responsible for identifying, guiding and branding their environment,” says Brami.