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Tim Cropp headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Fairfax, VA
Founded: 1979
Industry: Construction/Professional services
Generations: 3

Category: Large


Tim Cropp

Since its founding, CroppMetcalfe has embraced the goal to create “customers for life.” The company also encourages all team members to adhere closely to its core values, which include integrity and empowerment. “When faced with any decision, all co-workers must weigh the mission statement and core values,” says Tim Cropp, president of CroppMetcalfe. “If someone takes into account all of those important factors, the right decision will be made every single time.”   

“We require family members to work from the ground up,” says Cropp. He wants family to experience the company from every employee’s perspective. “They need to earn respect from their peers. They’re not entitled to it. … Before they can ask a co-worker to do something, they have to have done it themselves.” In addition, CroppMetcalfe encourages family members to get experience working at other companies, in the hope that they will bring a fresh perspective once they join.

Quick Tip: “Make sure you make any family member work from the ground up so they have a better perspective on the entire company.”

As soon as new employees join the team, CroppMetcalfe impresses on them the importance of service — to customers, but also to co-workers and the company itself. “Anyone who joins our team, family member or otherwise, knows how important this culture is and how it needs to be followed every day,” says Cropp.

Cropp wants CroppMetcalfe to be remembered as “a company that lived by its core values, provided a good living for its co-workers’ families, maintained a good work-life balance, and provided opportunities for co-workers to meet their goals in life. If all of these things hold true, the co-workers, and the company, will all be successful together.”