Convergent Solutions, Inc.

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Candace Campbell headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Alexandria, VA
Founded: 2002
Industry: Professional services
Generations: 1

Category: Medium

Convergent Solutions, Inc.

Eric Campbell, COO
Candace Campbell, President

Convergent Solutions, Inc. believes in building lasting relationships that are based on trust and honesty. The company’s vision has not changed since its inception, and has helped it stay focused on meeting its goals, no matter the situation.

“We have an informal training program going on within our family structure,” says Candace Campbell, president of Convergent Solutions. “Our fathers trained us around the dinner table and in the office, and we do the same for our offspring. They are aware of all major decisions and understand the importance of legacy and the ability to create your own opportunities. Our family members have witnessed a transition from our fathers to ourselves and see us continuing to draw from that well of great insight. We demonstrate what we expect for the future.”

Quick Tip: “Stay true to yourself. Business will come and go. You will be remembered for who you were as a person.”

“As our fathers have demonstrated, a strong focus on family and legacy as you grow your business [ensures] a family-focused vision for generations to come,” says Campbell. She and her husband Eric, Convergent Solutions’ COO, are both second-generation business leaders whose fathers worked alongside each other and taught them valuable skills that have served the business well.

“Eric and I want our business to be perceived as one that kept the focus small,” says Campbell. “We never bit off more than we could chew to the detriment of living a full life. We enjoy each other, our families and our friends — in and out of our business.”