Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center

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Family Business Honoree

Location: Wheaton, MD
Founded: 1958
Industry: Professional services
Generations: 2

Category: Medium

Chuck Levins Washington Music Center

Adam Levin
Chief Operations Manager

“Our core values remain the same as they were when Chuck and Marge Levin opened the doors on the first day of work,” says Adam Levin, chief operations manager at Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center. “Help the customer with honest advice and honest service, and make sure they leave happier than when they walked in the door. It’s music. It should always be fun, and so should the buying process.”

Chuck and Marge Levin grew the company as they started a family, and the family gravitated toward the company. “We all started cleaning the store, dusting in the mornings, taking out the trash, then moved to stock work, clerical work, and eventually through all the ranks of the store,” says Levin. “But living it has made us love it and earned us our spot in the company. No one steps on each other’s toes. We find our area of expertise and share the load together.”

Fun Fact “Although we have all worked at a musical instrument store for our entire lives, none of us plays a musical instrument.”

Members of the Levin family have run the company since its inception, and the traditional approach still works best. Family members spend most of their time on or around the sales floor, keeping with Chuck Levin’s vision for building experience. Family members make decisions together as equals, communicating their concerns with one another at their meetings.

“Our vision for the company is to maintain and enhance the idea that we are a family-owned music store that is here to support the greater music community,” Levin says. “Not just selling equipment, but serving the community. Being honest and following through.”