Eric M. Suss, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

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Location: Rockville, MD
Industry: Financial services

Years in role: 3
Years at company: 3

Eric M. Suss, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

Capital Bank, N.A.

PROCESS IMPROVEMENT: When Eric M. Suss, EVP and CHRO, first joined Capital Bank, N.A., his role was to usher the organization through a planned period of change. He quickly learned that the company had very few HR processes in place. “Recruitment was decentralized, performance management was sparse … [and] no onboarding for new employees existed,” he says. He created new workforce management processes, and, as the company executed its fast growth, these processes proved to be essential.

QUICK TIP: “It’s the failures that you will learn the most from.”

EMPLOYEE IMPACT: At the beginning of Suss’s tenure with Capital Bank, the bank had a reputation as a difficult place to work. Suss and other members of leadership worked to improve the company’s culture and were able to attract some top talent. From there, Suss tackled the issue of retention, implementing “stay interviews” to assess employee happiness, help managers better engage top employees and create personalized development plans for these employees.

STRONG CULTURE: Before Suss started revamping Capital Bank’s culture, it was based on a lot of self-preservation and very little accountability. Eventually, the new culture was introduced to employees through workshops. “We really stretched our employees in many cases to think outside of their day-to-day jobs,” says Suss.