Sandeep Saggar

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Sandeep Saggar
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Location: Rockville, MD
Credentials: CPA
Practice areas: Certified public accounting and government contracting

Sandeep Saggar
Managing Shareholder

Saggar & Rosenberg, PC

“I came to this country with just a few dollars in my pocket to attend college and make a life for myself and for my family,” says Sandeep Saggar. “I work every day to make the most out of what this great country has offered us.” Saggar’s firm, Saggar & Rosenberg, PC, develops tailored plans to suit each individual client’s operational and financial requirements. “We want our clients to see us as business partners with whom they can discuss, in confidence, their business issues and strategies,” says Saggar. He founded Saggar & Rosenberg with three clients and one employee. Since then, the firm has grown to include 30 employees.

QUICK TIP: “The secret to success is to know something nobody else knows.” – Aristotle Onassis

Matthew Norris“Mr. Saggar is a very proactive, trusted advisor. His counsel has ensured that my firm is adhering to all the government regulations and policy. He played a crucial role in our growth at a time when we were in desperate need of a line-of-credit increase. Our current bank at the time was not willing to take the risk and, after speaking with Mr. Saggar, within 12 hours, we had a new line of credit with a different bank to make our upcoming payroll. Mr. Saggar’s counsel and expertise is second to none. He has enabled my firm through his expert counsel … to outperform our competitors in a very competitive marketplace.” – Matthew Norris, CEO, Axom Technologies Inc.