Robin H. Thieme

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Robin H. Thieme
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Location: Kensington, MD
Credentials: CPA, CITP, CGMA
Practice areas: Outsourced CFO and business process review

Robin H. Thieme

Kensington Business Solutions

“My clients inspire me to ensure that they are able to sustain [their business] and thrive,” says Robin H. Thieme. “We are proud to be a part of the engine that allows these businesses to thrive and grow.” Thieme’s work and life are inspired by her parents. “My father inspires me to ask questions. You will learn more from asking questions and listening to the answer than from sharing your knowledge,” she says. “My mother instilled in me an increased awareness that differentiated learning and communication methods are required to effectively connect with a wider group of individuals.”

QUICK TIP: “Mistakes are opportunities to learn.”

Aviva Goldfarb“Robin Thieme has served as both a financial and technological advisor to me for many years. I honestly believe my business would likely not have survived without her wise advice and interventions. There are numerous examples, but one of the many things that Robin has done has been to streamline my processes, including onboarding. Now, when I need to hire a new developer, for example, I am not too worried because we have the onboarding process laid out in a place we can all access it, and we don’t have to start from scratch each time. Robin was also pivotal in getting me to agree to use a team project management system, Asana. Now my whole team, which is virtual, knows the monthly priorities and can follow the communication on projects so key information isn’t lost in the shuffle. I believe this improvement alone has saved me thousands of dollars a year.” – Aviva Goldfarb, CEO, The Six O’Clock Scramble