Robert W. Albrecht

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Location: Bethesda, MD
Credentials: CPA
Practice areas: Audit of nonprofit organizations and nonprofit consulting

Robert W. Albrecht
Nonprofit Audit Partner

Gelman, Rosenberg & Freedman, CPAs

Robert W. Albrecht works with approximately 50 international humanitarian and relief agencies. “My current work ethic and inspiration are driven by real-world experiences: … the refugees who are malnourished, those living in poverty and those fleeing internal conflict and the devastation brought on by war,” he says. “By providing practical recommendations and technical assistance to improve the financial capability of many [international non-governmental organizations’] offices around the world, I am hopeful that our firm can play a part in providing assistance to those in need.”

QUICK TIP: “Focus on what you know how to do, and do that well.”

“In the years that I have been working with Robert, he has proven to be one of the most productive, reasonable and reliable auditors I have ever worked with. He takes his time analyzing the audit conditions at HQ and mission level before the audit to ensure that the time spent at our facilities is productive and can be 100 percent dedicated to the important task of finishing a reliable, complete audit in a timely manner. … I appreciate his openness to discussing the yearly audit plan based on our own needs and not simply imposing a rigid ‘auditor standard manual,’ especially given the fact that the audit team always does field visits, where our finances happen, under very difficult conditions. His knowledge of our work and didactic approach is well appreciated by field staff and board members.” – Luis M. Garcia, Director of Finance, ACF International